Fighting For the Name Of Jesus

Language is a very powerful tool. As a writer, I’m passionate about learning new words, which is one of the reasons why I intentionally look for challenging books; not only to challenge my brain, but to expand my vocabulary. One of the reasons I’m passionate about learning new words is because I am passionate about being an effective communicator. Effective communication is a helpful tool to use in just about every facet of life, and so I take it seriously to develop my skills in this way.

As a tool, language is loaded with abilities. Language can be a barrier, or it can be a bridge. Words can hurt, and they can inspire. As a Christian, the most upsetting use of language is the vulgarity in hearing Jesus Christ used in a derogatory sense. I also find it ironic that those who claim to be on the fence about Jesus, or directly claim to be an atheist, use Jesus’ name in such a way. If they don’t believe in the man’s story, why use His name?

Hearing this makes me very upset. Jesus has become a very close friend to me through my faith. When I hear His name used disparagingly, I want to address the person with compassion but also with assertiveness, because the name is not to used for anything besides respect or veneration. If a man named Bob heard his name being spoken with a disparaging inflection, I think he would be insulted or hurt as well. Why is Jesus any different? Why use the name if it has no meaning to you? Why not use John Digadee, or Abbott and Castello? I don’t understand why people must use Jesus Christ in vain. There are so many names to use when you’re angry—why choose His name above all the rest?

This bothers me both because I have a personal relationship with Jesus, and because it simply doesn’t make any sense to me. Using the name of someone you claim not to believe in makes you sound moronic and absent-minded, and that’s after claiming whether or not you believe in the God whose story Jesus belongs to—and your disbelief in the God whom Jesus Incarnated as just doesn’t make much sense when you use His name like that. Do you follow?

Do you use the language because of the friends you have, or perhaps the employees you work with? Both? Can they rationalize of the use the name of Jesus in a derogatory sense beyond carelessness? There is literally no reason for it whatsoever. It’s flat out hurtful to the person of Jesus, and it’s offensive to believers of Jesus like me. When I get angry, sometimes, I admit—I will catch myself using a vulgar word—I’m trying to stop—but never Jesus, and never God. For those who claim Jesus either never existed or wasn’t God Incarnate, I respectfully disagree, and I openly ask that you please stop using His name until you have a better reason to. Particularly if you believe in Him as your Lord and Savior, but even if you don’t—it makes even less sense! I hope this point is being hammered into the cement.

With love, readers, I mean to correct you with love. Jesus loves us all, and using His name like that is absolutely unnecessary. Even using other vulgar words is unnecessary, but they are at least more understandable because they have no spiritual foundation. Some vulgar words even have a history which do not have any blasphemous origins; history itself made certain words “vulgar” by their use and context. But Jesus Christ is not one of the names on that list. His name is precious, whether or not that’s what it is to you. For others, like myself, His name is gold, and you pour acid on the gold when you say His name with such arrogant malice. Please, as a believer of Christ, PLEASE—stop using His name until you are praying to Him, or talking about Him with an open mind to someone. His name is too meaningful to use any other way.

If you want to use a name, use John Digadee. I guarantee you that using it will help improve your mood—if not from laughing at using it when you’re angry, then from not using Jesus’ name instead. Either way, using a different name will be much better for not only you, but everyone around you. There are plenty of vocabulary words to use when you’re angry. Just keep His, and God’s—out. Please.

That said, I hope you will take my words into heavy consideration. I care for your heart, and even if you don’t believe Jesus is real today, the power of His name is more powerful than your disbelief. I pray that His love would overcome your lack of desire to know Him and that you might give Him a chance to enter into your heart and ask Him to help you understand Him better. Change your usage of His name from blasphemy to respect and admiration. If nothing else, think of His name as a man who lived a loving, selfless life; there is no reason to use His name when you’re upset. Hopefully, over time, the banality of John Digadee will cause less of a laugh, and you’ll start wondering who Jesus really is. And when that happens, I hope you’ll remember reading this post and look up the book He’s written in: the Bible. There is plenty to read, and more than enough to fall in love with. Please give Him a chance, and please stop using His name blasphemously.

John Digadee, if you exist, I’m sorry for all of this. But I hope you understand my point and will take this hit for Jesus. He took everything else for you.


Photo by antonio ochoa on Unsplash


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