Christian Ecstasy, Ineffable Joy, and Jesus the Lord

I feel the ineffable joy of the Lord running through my veins. It’s so powerful that tears are coming to my eyes. I can’t maintain it and I won’t try to. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, Messiah of my life, the Ruler of my decisions, and the reason for every ounce of hope I feel for my life and future. He is the reason oxygen comes in and out of my lungs properly. He enables my legs to walk and run, my body to relax while I sit and type this to you; the comfort of my apartment, and the ease of which these words come flying from my heart to the screen. He is the ultimate Lord of Lords and the Lion of Judah, and He has won my heart.

For many years I disbelieved in this God of the universe. Not anymore–in fact, not for many years now. But today, Jesus defines who I am and who I want to continue growing to become. He is the blood in my body and the words of my mouth. He is the lesson behind every mistake I’ve made and the answer to every question I have. Christ is the successor of my enemies and the clarity to my every doubt. With every tumble and fall, His are the hands that lift me up with strength, compassion, confidence, and reassurance.

I have sinned, rebelled, and thrown myself against the thought of God before, but today I hold my hands out to Him, praising Him for being my God! I glorify His name with my words and I try my best to do so with my actions. I still fall and make mistakes, but I believe God understands that I want to do better. He knows I feel humility once I gather myself and come back to Him, and He’s always there, ready to accept me again when I finally embrace that I am hopeless without Him. And I am completely, and utterly hopeless without God.

He created this Earth so that someone like me and you could take care of it, loving each other and ourselves the way He loves us. So many times I fall short, but I’m learning to do it better today, and I’ll keep trying tomorrow. May He help you do the same, and may you feel it in your heart, body, and soul. May He move your day to new heights and encourage you in ways your heart cannot contain in your body alone– may your body need to dance, jump, run– anything to let out the joy that is God inside of you! God purposely designed our cosmos to the trillionth of a degree so that absolutely everything was made possible for our survival. He makes this life as easy as it can possibly be, and allows us to choose what we will. That is a great, amazing, powerful, alrighty God! God made it possible for us to connect with Him through His son, whom He sent to die and resurrect for the hope of you and me, today!

Time is not an enemy because Jesus took the keys from the Devil himself; there is nothing that can separate us from God ever again. Never again will we be separated from God! Just admitting that feeds my soul the hope it needs: reassuring, reinvigorating hope. My words cannot contain the ecstasy of the reality and truth of that hope; I want to tell the world that Jesus is good, that God is good and that nothing could ever defeat God—not hate, anger, rage, disbelief, or even death. God has triumphed them all and will continue to conquer into eternity. There was hope yesterday, today, tomorrow, 100 years from now, and there was hope two thousand years ago when Jesus astonished the people who watched Him die by walking the Earth once again! The world killed God in the flesh, but they didn’t defeat Him; He is alive and thriving through each one of us through the Holy Spirit. He is exploding through the world, whether we’re listening, watching, or not. The sun shines for God, birds sing to God, the stars themselves have songs dedicated for God and God alone!

There is hope for tomorrow because we have a destination: Heaven. We do not know the day and time for that moment, but the day is coming when Jesus will be on the clouds of glory, shining in white–dazzling like the King we believe Him to be. He will wipe the Earth clean of sin and make it new again. Heaven is coming, and there will no longer be need to sing songs of a distant day because that day will be NOW.

Look to the skies, but keep living your life, because at any time Jesus will be coming back, and this time it won’t be in a manger: This time it will be on a white steed with authority! He will take care of every injustice and every sin, wiping rebellion and wrong-doing from the face of existence and into distance memory. Never again will we deal with death, agony, pain, misery, sadness, or loneliness. Never again the worry of paying rent, of letdowns, of others’ lack of control; of killing and war, disease and famine, or insomnia and disorder. There will only be blessings: life, hope, love, friendship, acceptance, peace, joy, happiness, freedom, beauty, laughter, and fullness. Jesus promises us what is to come and we are to hang onto the hope of His return until that day… and that day is coming.

I feel the hope of Jesus in me now, and I want to scream it into the world with exhilaration and ecstasy! If only those who don’t have Jesus yet could feel what I feel! If only unbelievers understood the blessing that is life in Christ. If others could feel the joy of hope of another day, believing in the hope of Jesus’ promises of returning in glory; of days with eternal bliss. This is only available through Jesus. There is no other hope of that kind of future, no reassurance in an afterlife so real as that of Heaven through Christ—our most humble, powerful, loving, justifying, blessed Lord and Savior. No other man ever fulfilled every prophecy, rising on the third day, and touching lives thousands of years after His ascension, as Jesus does.

My life has hit low notes and I have wished for death, but now I cannot feel anything but hope in the life that is to come. I want others to feel this–I want to share it, explain it, help others receive it–I want others to feel and experience what I am experiencing. I know this is real because I, too, once disbelieved in God with my whole being. I saw the world as empty and life as meaningless. But now I see God’s hands wrapped around our world with mighty strength, power, and authority. He’s coming soon, and He wants us to be ready to go up with Him!

Be prepared, be excited, be filled with joy, hope, and bliss! There is a day coming soon when Christ will embrace us physically and smile at us, face-to-face. Never again will you feel an ache in your body, exhaustion, or any form of letdown or disappointment. Never again will you “come home” and feel “done with life”. You will be filled with so much happiness you won’t understand how it’s even possible! May this hope fill you today as you look forward to what is next.

Jesus is our hope, our Redeemer, our King and Savior, Messiah and Lord. Glory be in His name, forever! Never stop hoping, because every promise will be fulfilled and every tear collected. A perfect life is coming when you will feel loved in ways you never fathomed possible. This is not a fantasy—this is Biblical prophesy! This is Truth, and it is God’s. He will come through, and He comes through in each of us as we allow the influence of the Holy Spirit to work through us.

May God bless you, encourage you, lift you, make His face to shine upon you, and bring you joy you cannot contain. He is for you; nothing can stand against you, you are already victorious! Live like it counts; with the confidence of the Lord in your heart. Witness life through His eyes and move mountains. He didn’t give us lies or false hopes to live under, He gave us Hope to strive for! Let’s live as if today is our last day because tomorrow we could be in Heaven with God Himself!

Be uplifted, readers. Jesus, our King, is returning. Praise the name above all names and glorify His love for you by loving others. May you feel unexplainable ecstasy as you show the world not vengeance, not repercussion, not bitterness or condemnation; but a loving ear, a kind word, a gentle smile, a genuine touch, a moment of your time to show the love of God to another who has yet to understand or experience the deep love of God. Jesus is alive in you and me, if you’ll believe in Him. If you don’t yet have Jesus in your heart, now is the perfect time to accept Him and receive His love for you. He loves you whether or not you believe in Him, but your eternal redemption lays at the hands of your faith. He wants to carry you to the side of life which thrives on Hope in Him; receiving His love and loving others in return. Allow God to reveal Himself to you, receive His Son’s gift of eternal life for you through His sacrifice on the cross, and show Him to the world–to the person on your right and left. He is always with you, even until the end of the age.

In Jesus name, amen!


Finding Hope In the Sky

While we are, in the most realistic and literalistic sense, looking at an aerosol comprising a visible mass of minute liquid droplets or frozen crystals, or clouds— I believe when we humans look up to the sky, we are looking for and at something much more significant, mesmerizing, and meaningful than mere nephology. 

Surely, there are those who look at the sky and get carried away with the science behind how those “beautiful, white, puffy things” got there, but truly there is more to the spectacle of the sky than science and all the rules abound to it.

The sky holds a treasure unlike many other venues of nature, especially in the sense that we have to look up in order to see the sky. That majestic, gigantic blue ceiling of our planet in a sense, foreshadows what is “out there”, beyond our comprehension. And most naturally, the human race has the most developed sense of curiosity; we carry in our design the means of asking the most in-depth, philosophical, religious, psychological, emotional questions of any other race. Therefore, looking to the sky– as if answers will fall on us from above–is a particular act of hope that the human spirit recognizes as acknowledgment that we want there to be more than this; tinkering with the idea that we hope for the sky, and all those mysterious clouds, to be, in the least, a metaphorical doorway we simply can’t walk through yet, but which represents all the opportunity, mystery, and extravagance of what lies beyond this lifetime.

“Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.” (Matthew 24:30)

This verse is my hope when I look to the clouds in the sky; the most significant sign of hope in the history to come. I admire the clouds, I appreciate the blueprint of the sky the way the God Almighty fidgets with it every day, and I will appreciate His decoration for our eyes tomorrow–but I look forward to seeing Jesus coming back with a much more glorifying presence than any other before Him.

Looking to the sky, I have admiration for the beauty of this world, and an appreciation for the marvel of this lifetime while I am still here to appreciate it. But I am not stuck on its temporal marvel. The very Creator of the marvelous is still to come, and that is something I look forward to much more intensely than any Earthly sight I could behold.

There is no need to rid ourselves of our admiration for nature; after all, God’s first creations on Earth were the water and the land. We would take a liking to His early work. But not get stuck thinking this is the culmination: this is the foreshadow. We will not just find the culmination, we will find its Creator Himself; the epitome of perfection. I’m keeping my eyes on the clouds, excitedly awaiting the next most exciting, significant event in human history: Jesus returning to take his Kingship over the world.

What are you looking at when you see the sky? What is your hope today?