Empowerment & Revelation of God’s Grace

OUR PROMINENT VOCATION Without question, spreading and inspiring the importance of relationship with God in Christ for the purpose of the salvation of sinners, is the most important vocation any believer could pursue.  There are those of us who understand and believe the God of the Bible is a God of righteousness, justice, and salvation;… Read More Empowerment & Revelation of God’s Grace

Ambassadors for Christ: Loving Like Jesus Loved

THE COMMAND TO LOVE When God incarnated into Christ on earth 2,000 years ago, He inculcated humanity with the seed of what faith in action looks like. He offended religious stricture by loving God more than rules and rituals (Mark 3:1-6). Through His sacrificial death on the cross, He exemplified His deep love for us, affirming… Read More Ambassadors for Christ: Loving Like Jesus Loved