Paving the Path For Trusting God: Part 2

God knew what He wanted with humanity far before He even breathed the Big Bang. All of creation was done for Jesus and by Jesus, and that makes the story of creation that much more beautiful, saturated in sentiment. 


While many people look shamefully towards the cross, the cross represents a part of the love story between Jesus and humanity, or, between God and humanity. See, the cosmos and all of creation were made by and for Jesus, so the love story between humanity and Jesus is that we are the centerpiece that Jesus had in mind for the creation of our solar system, and the reason for all the orbiting planets making Earth the most life-sustainable planet in the galaxy.

That doesn’t even begin to explain how God birthed us into creation during the most auspicious time period, when we were able to integrate and learn to utilize the tools necessary to discover for our very eyes the origins of the galaxy during the Big Bang!


God wanted us to know that the galaxy is for our existence, and then as we combine that story element with the reality of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, what we have is a more complete story of how Christ loved us. He not only created the entire cosmos for us, He even came down and died for us Himself so that we would not be separated from Him (For more information about the details of the cosmos, the Big Bang, and how science actually complements Christianity in the sense that facts about the cosmos directly link back to the Bible, please reference Leslie Wickman’s “God of the Big Bang“, and also Hugh Ross’s “Why the Universe Is the Way It Is“).


One of the problems I had as an atheist with putting trust in an “invisible” concept like God. “What will the world think of me if I start including Jesus into the conversation?” We start to place weight on the world’s view instead of on the purpose that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross means for us, personally. The world condemns, but God loves and forgives, constantly inviting us forward, towards Him. The capitulation of curiosity is among the seeds of the death of theology in understanding God, after exhausting ourselves trying to solve the mystery of His existence. My point is not all that ambiguous: what reason do we have for distrusting God? After really pausing to look at the evidence, everything intently points to His genuine love for the human race. If we don’t place our trust on that foundation, where are we placing it? 


I want to share with you a small but profound true story which happened to me years ago.

When I was living in an apartment in Glendale, California, I was about to be bankrupt and I had already been warned of eviction. My roommate and I arrived home one night after life group to find the note that is the picture of this blog post, taped to our door. I promise you readers, no one knew that I could not afford rent besides two people: my roommate, and my dad– who I had seen the past two days–and I had been with him the entire time, so he had no chance to put a note on the door, nor get the money through the crack of the doorway so that I would only see the $700 in cash laying on the ground after I opened the door. My roommate was just as shocked as me, and that made it obvious this was clearly God seeing my situation, and responding.

Now, I’m not claiming God wrote the note, but the miracle and blessing is that someone knew I couldn’t afford rent, and no one ever admitted to being the gift-giver. They remain, to this day, an unknown samaritan who helped me at a crucial time without any apparent need for recognition. I cannot tell that person how much I appreciate the gift, and that they were clearly doing God’s work in writing the note. Clearly, this person wanted God to have all the credit. To me, that is love of the Father in Heaven, and that is a reason to trust in Him to provide, always. Has that ever happened again since? Nope. And that’s the idea: God doesn’t generally perform a miracle the same way twice. But, He always responds to our prayers.


If I had not gotten that money right when I did, and if I would have had to be evicted, I would not have been able to get the job that I got within that next month at the school district, and where I stayed for three years working in Special Education with kids with autism and special needs. None of that would have happened! God was speaking into my life through another person, and it was loud and clear that I was not alone in my journey. This isn’t just me, readers–it’s you, too.

I shared this truth with you to let you see how God does work, even in mysterious ways; where people are involved without trying to take the spotlight off of God. God uses people to show Himself, because the Holy Spirit is at work in this world through believers. The Prince of Darkness (Satan) may be influencing the world, but the King of all kings (Jesus) is controlling it. That said, whoever wrote that note and provided the money without ever asking for it to be returned or claiming the act was his doing–he was allowing the Holy Spirit to work. That’s what matters to God, and that’s what counts to someone who needs to experience God’s tangible grace that is distinctly God’s hand. While God’s physical hand cannot be seen touching us (yet), He is certainly moving, He is most certainly alive; He most certainly exists, and He loves us all. Not everyone might get a note taped to their door, but they are no less loved or seen. He created everything so that we could have relationship with Him and give Him the glory. He loves us so that we have an example of what it means to be loving.


We would not need faith if He were here with us, physically. But He loves us, He sees us, and He will never forsake us. Open your heart, look into the soul of Christ as He is knocking on the door to your heart. Let Him in—-He wants to be a part of all of our lives. Putting our trust in God is the best decision we could make because of His adamant loyalty. If we don’t understand His loyalty, we can look to the stars, He never drops them—they’re held firmly in place. How much much firmly and carefully would He hold your heart, the heart of the peak of His creation? Everything He created, and all that He’s done, is for us, because His love is that deep.


I hope that you feel His love for you today, and I pray that it inspires you. That is my prayer for each one of you, that you would come to know God’s heart, Jesus’ loyalty, and place confident trust in Their means of being for you and giving to you all that you need. May you feel His presence as you continue understanding how to place more trust in God, knowing what He is capable of, what He’s done, and what He will do based on His promises. I urge you to reach out to a believer who can encourage you, pray for you, and help you as you begin to walk your journey of faith. God will meet you where you are, and He will lift you up. He will never leave you standing alone. He’s always ready for another heart to choose Him over the world. He’s excited to be the biggest part of our lives. May God bless you as you ask Him to the biggest part of yours.


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5 thoughts on “Paving the Path For Trusting God: Part 2

  1. We are studying Genesis in Church and I just finished a study of the Gospel of John through Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). All of God’s creation was made for His glorification. And we were made to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. Isn’t that a wonder that the Almighty God created us to be with Him in His glory forever? And He does mysteriously reveal Himself to us in many different miracles while we are here on earth to strengthen our faith and bring others to Him.
    Visiting from #Heart Encouragement.
    God bless you,

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    1. Amen, Janis! I agree with your words here and I believe our purpose is to experience His glory in our walk of faith with Him. It’s a pleasure to have connected with you and a privilege to share the same faith in such a Messiah. God bless!!

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  2. Lance – I LOVE this and your story. This is so what I try to teach and impart to people who take my classes. That WE are God’s hands, heart, and feet to a world that may never fully understand Him, but we can hear from heaven and respond in obedience to what He asks us to do, just like the person did who left the note and gave you money. Thank you for sharing this story and how it impacted you in words, but also by keeping the note, from all the years ago, I know it impacted you profoundly as well, and serves as a reminder that God sees you. Oh, and the line about the prince of darkness may be influencing the world, but the KING of KINGS is in control – AMEN!
    Thank you for linking up with #TuneInThursday last week.

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    1. I really appreciate your response here. This piece was sentimental for me because the memory which sparked the article idea here was very real for me as it came at a time in my life where God knew speaking to me would actually be quite loud. There was no avoiding God’s amazing control and sovereignty after this miracle. I hope that in your classes, more and more will grasp the truth that we are God’s hands, heart, and feet to the world, as you said. The more who understand this, the more who will bless others by letting Jesus work through them. 🙂 God is always good, and always better than we can fathom. Blessings, Debbie!


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