The Picture Of A Best Friend

What characteristics define your picture of the word “friend”? What about a best friend? Are there key qualities which stand out from the rest that a friend must have? I believe there are, and I’ve written this article to elaborate on a few of them. I believe these qualities give significant weight to the way we treat others and ourselves, and I hope you will find them helpful and worth considering.

I will break down my picture of what it means to be a best friend, and I would like you to share with me any qualities you feel should be added in the comments below.

We acquire the strength of compassion by witnessing it in action. We are not strong on our own, and others need to know they are not alone, either.

Love without God is artificial and transient. Love isn’t sex. Love is an action, and it derives from the heart. 

Trust is built over time, and requires vulnerability and honesty to sustain.  Trust is either a cornerstone to a strong friendship, or part of the broken backbone.

Vulnerability is transparency and honesty rolled into one. In order to be vulnerable, one must be honest with themselves. In order to be honest, we must be vulnerable enough to share parts of ourselves. They go hand in hand, and are vital in developing the intimacy of a friendship.

Kindness is such an underrated quality in today’s world. That’s why the kind people are the ones with the friends, because the only people in this world kind enough to make best friend material are the magnets for the rest of us. 

When I think of a great friend, it’s someone who is dependable, someone who is able to be there for me regardless of what they’re doing. Some friends literally leave work to spend time others experiencing pain, and sometimes a friend will step aside their life schedule to call when a friend needs that favor. Dependability means not making excuses not to care, and choosing to be the kind of person who wants to experience every aspect of their best friend; good and bad, hard and easy; fun and depressed. A dependable friend knows to be there when it matters most.

Do the qualities of a friend stated here resonate with you? Do you know of many people who carry these characteristics–and do they inspire you to be like them?

Our characteristics are God-given qualities that were meant to keep us directed towards Him. Jesus showed all of these, and much more. Truly, if there’s an example to live by, it is Christ. Can we take from this and learn by His example?

Maybe this list is not what you expected. Maybe you have your own list? What does yours look like?

God is with you and can show you everything you need to know if you’ll search for His presence within you. He is closer than a brother, and certainly the prime example to look to. I pray you are blessed this day, and inspired to do more and be more than you ever thought you could. May He bless your decision to be your best in all that you do. In Jesus name! 🙂

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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