The Unmistakeable Voice Inside of You

Everyone’s voice matters, but not everyone believes in theirs.

For years and years, I believed my voice didn’t matter, that my words fell on closed ears and hearts. When I really wanted to have a voice, it felt silenced by a sense of rejection from others. I carried a very low opinion of myself. Rejection is painful, and we all know too well how it feels to be told in some way or another that we don’t belong. When we don’t feel like we belong, we act like we don’t belong, and our voice seems diminished.

The truth is that we are the most valuable among the creation this earth. We were created last as the pinnacle of creation, and Jesus tells us if God takes care of the birds of the air, how much more will he take care of us? (Matthew 6:26)

As this is the truth from our Creator, then the truth is we have a voice given to us by God to use for His will. That means our voice matters because it makes an impact.

The notion that we don’t have a valuable voice is a lie. We do have a voice, what we say does matter, and what we have to give to others is valuable. We are valuable; we were created with an intention and a purpose Why should we let the world tell us the opposite of what our very Creator boldly proclaims to us?

Live out from the truth of our Creator and speak boldly. God could use your words today to save someone’s life, make someone’s day, or inspire someone to try when they otherwise wouldn’t. Be blessed and may God use you to bless others profoundly today, in Jesus name.



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