God’s Wisdom Breathes Jesus’ Love For Us


As I’ve grown older, knowledge has become somewhat less important to me, and wisdom has become more prominent. What influenced the change is the recognizing knowledge doesn’t bring me any closer to my soul, whereas wisdom challenges the very roots of character, pushing me towards amelioration.

Furthermore, as I’ve grown older, being challenged has become more meaningful; I yearn to be challenged because I constantly want to grow. When I am not learning, I get bored, and boredom leads me to question the purpose behind my passions.  


One of my greatest inspirations as a blogger is to challenge others to think outside the box of their comfort zone, outside of what is familiar. The reason I feel so passionate about amelioration is how, while I was an unbeliever, I deprived years of my own life without believing in the challenge of unveiling my purpose in life in order to desire my next breath. Living in the cocoon of a depressed, angry heart was a suffocating existence; I wasn’t yearning to learn anything new. The real challenge in life was finding a reason to stay alive.

Discovering my passion for learning new concepts was tantalizing, but finding Jesus in my heart was enthralling. My passion for knowledge is a part of me I enjoy, but what is so much more valuable to me now is my heart’s for Christ to work through me. His presence will invite me into one more challenge, knowing what I can handle and giving me as much as I can take, but no more or less.


Wisdom looks like bowing my head and asking Jesus to overcome my pride, in the faith that His love will overcome my arrogance, enabling me to surrender myself. I learned how soothing surrender is when I gained closure in my faith. There is closure in letting go of the fears in life, such as social norms, acceptance from people I don’t actually have respect for, and insignificant items that only take up space in our home but not in our hearts.

When I accept and embrace that my purpose is in Jesus, what happens in return is that I understand how little what others think of me really matters, and that what does matter is that they know Jesus, regardless of whether or not they like me. 

What refreshes me about this blog is how I can share the impact Jesus has had on a man like me —someone who was an atheist and agnostic for most of his life and converted after living with depression, anxiety, and bitterness for years and years. Jesus was able to turn all of that around for me, and I am so grateful for His intervention. 

You, too, are loved more than you could possibly imagine. May God show you, and may He use these words to encourage you to believe in their truth.


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Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash


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