Intimacy We Were Created For

Hearing about Jesus as Lord as an unbeliever can feel like whiplash on the brain. The information is so powerful at first that it’s almost numbing. But gradually the words fall into place, one word of epoch-making truth after another. Eventually, the process of knowing Jesus becomes a goal; we read the Word to learn about Jesus, we pray to Jesus at church and worship Him, and all of that is great. But it’s not enough.

I want more. 

Understanding the Jesus of the gospels is mesmerizing. The lessons of wisdom from Christ are inimitable, but, Jesus didn’t come to preach —He came to bring salvation through spiritual rebirth. That’s why Jesus’s words pummeled through people’s cultural and religious piousness and shined light on the importance of relationship. His very disciples could barely keep up with Him until after His resurrection because only then did many of His words become fulfilled prophesies. Like His disciples, we are still constantly perusing the Word, trying to understand and apply every ounce of pure wisdom we can glean. But God didn’t come in the flesh of Jesus so we could read books and nod our heads. He came for relationshipDoes anyone know what that means?

After 22 years of misunderstanding faith, what’s come to hit is how He wants to be known intimately by us. What does that mean? That means vulnerability, openness, trust, authenticity—a best friend, you might say. To know someone intimately, you become their best friend. Now, what I’ve learned is that knowing isn’t enough. Knowledge only utilizes the brain, whereas intimacy digs deeper, requiring the intricacies of an open heart.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about intimacy, it is that it requires trust. Trusting God with our lives may sound intimidating, but that’s because we are coming from fear rather than faith. Faith would enable us to trust the Creator of time, space, and love with our lives, because, who better to trust than the one who introduced their existence?

We are the culmination of creation. That is, God saved us for last, insofar as creating nature for humans. Do we question our Earthly dad when he builds us a treehouse so we can climb up and enjoy the gift of that space? Do we question God’s trustworthiness for creating something as tranquil as the sound of waves crashing on the beach, or the view of the sun setting into the ocean far off in the distance? Do we question God’s imagination when He gives us rainbows after a beautiful rainfall? Do we question God’s voice when we hear bird’s chirping or the softness of wind breezing by our ears?What of His vision of pulchritude in the colorful patterns of a butterfly’s wings? Are these images of a reality thought up and built by God not mesmerizing and telling of His trustworthiness, and foretelling of the intimacy He so deeply desires to share with us?

See, the Bible is phenomenal in that its words introduce us to a historical Truth that trumps all other truths: God loves us more than creation, so creation is therefore His gift for us to enjoy and to witness Him through until we see Him again. The Word tells us how we came to be, and it explicitly tells us where God wants us to go. He clearly tells us we are not alone in this journey:

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

He reminds us that He is our Rock even when our family isn’t:

“Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.” (Psalm 27:10)

Jesus encourages us with His continual presence:

“–and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

Knowing about God tells us how to get started, but experiencing Jesus intimately takes us beyond the Bible. The Bible is our guide, our stepping stone of faith, and the map for our soul. Our relationship with Jesus extends beyond this text and into the mysteries and challenges of the moment where Jesus Himself promises to be. Outside the Bible, Jesus wants to spend time with us in worship, prayer, times of adversity and loss, and through victory— just like a best friend would. But unlike most people, Jesus never tires of us. He’s never not in the mood to be around us or to hear our voices. He can’t get enough of us. He did, after all, create us. In the very stillness of His love and grace, Jesus prefers us over creation.

God didn’t provide the Bible for us to learn from during Bible studies so we could reserve intimacy with Him only during those times. The message of the Bible was not meant to be reduced to time only spent behind closed doors, or with only a small group of people. The Bible regards all of history—the entire timeline of human race, the events of which extend even into the future. Therefore, everyone needs to hear about it, whether they end up accepting its Truth or not. Ultimately, the Bible was not written for us to dismiss intimacy, on the contrary: Of its many purposes, God wrote the Bible so we could learn to build intimacy with Him in our lives.

In 2017, we exist at a time when our relationship with Jesus will either define us or tear us apart from everyone and everything we know. Our world is coming to a time when what we believe in will separate us from each other, or join us together. Intimacy with God will be the number one way to notice those who spend time listening to His voice, receiving His blessings and surrendering ourselves for Him to develop our character and spiritual maturity. When we surrender what we have in this life for His sake, He gives us what we need one-hundred fold (Mark 10:29).

To trust in God is to remember that He gave us everything we have because He is good, and because He cares. What He doesn’t give to us is what He knows we don’t need (or not yet). With a God so trustworthy and so intimate, there is no reason to keep God locked in the Bible. There is every reason to share Him, preach Him, talk about Him, invite Him in and embrace His presence. Let Him speak into you, and then look up into your world, recognizing the beauty of His love all around you, and thank Him for every breath in your lungs, for every time someone special tells you they love you; every time you receive an unexpected gift from a friend; every time a person acts out of selflessness, or if there is a rainbow or a rainfall. Remember God speaks in so many ways. To say, “I haven’t heard God in a while” only bespeaks the quality and development of our level of intimacy with Him. I would invite us to practice being thankful for the little things, not just the obvious. Be thankful you’re able to swallow food, that you can smell the scent of candles, the salt of the ocean, the lilies of a garden or the perfume in a woman’s hair. These are gifts of God! Small as they may appear to be, they add up, and as they do, they speak of God’s desire for us to experience His blessings all the time.

Christ is with us, always, if we would turn our faces to see Him and ask Him to mold us into more of the people He wants us to be. Ask Him to help you see the beauty that you have either come to neglect or which you were never aware of. God speaks into our heart with His very own voice. He speaks words into our hearts and etches His craving for us into our souls. We are never alone and we are always loved. We are not only known by Him, we are loved deeply, intimately, and eternally. What can you do to help build deeper intimacy with God today? In what areas can you ask for Jesus to speak more to you? In what ways would you ask God to help you see and hear Him act in your life so that you wouldn’t leave Him between the covers of the Bible? God is in you, now. If you can’t hear Him, quiet yourself.

I’m so excited for you to know our Father God through Jesus! I’m so excited to think of so many people desiring Him beyond only text. He needs to be inside of us. Deep, deep inside where only a best friend could be.

May you be blessed this day!!



11 thoughts on “Intimacy We Were Created For

  1. Great post on intimacy. I have lacked intimacy with God this week, and I see why somehow I am not trusting him in my circumstances. We have had one of the worst weeks of our life. We lost someone very close to us. I usually turn to God, but somehow this week I have found it a bit difficult. I see it is the trust issue. Now I know exactly where I need to go in my time with God. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you sharing this about yourself and being open regarding this topic. I am also very sorry to hear about your loss. I am praying that you find yourself able to trust in God and turn to Him in prayer during this time, and that you would feel His presence overwhelm you with peace and calm as you seek Him. I understand the feeling of drawing away from Him during pain and loss because that is what I used to do as well. I pray that you will begin to find more and more solace when you search for Him, and that His presence and love would be ever real to you. God bless you!!


    1. I am so glad you can take from these words and find hope in them for you and your relationship to God. Sometimes I find God most reverently in my stillest “pause” moments. 🙂 I pray you will find Him meeting you where you are, building intimacy in ways you will never forget, and developing a hope you could never lose. God bless you :).

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    1. Thank you for sharing that, I can relate to you. I think trust is a definitive “work in progress” for so many believers, but that only gives God more opportunities to work and to show HIs power. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


  2. “Here’s the thing: We are the culmination of creation—that is, God saved us for last—meaning, He created nature for humans.” I really liked that line. 🙂 It’s so difficult for me to imagine sometimes that God never tires of me, especially since people tend to drain me and wear me out. I need lots of alone time to recharge. 😉 Thanks for linking up at Literacy Musing Mondays.

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    1. Brandi, thanks for your vulnerability in sharing that. I relate to your feelings–I also need time away to recharge after spending time with people who wear me out. I believe God meets us in those moments and rebuilds us with His spirit; He never tires of us. 🙂 God bless you!


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