Living In the Freedom of Trusting God

When are you most carefree? Is it when you’re out jogging? Watching a movie? Talking to a trusted friend? It seems the most important aspect of being carefree is being stressless. Finding the ability to feel stressless seems nearly impossible in today’s world, but I’d like to argue its viability. Let’s talk about this.

As a growing Christian, I understand that the stresses of my life are only stresses if I give them the weight that I could be giving something more productive and healthy. I think being careful is a good thing when it’s productive; making sure you didn’t leave the stove on before leaving home is a smart habit, right? As long as you don’t check 20 times before actually walking out the door. Likewise, it’s not a healthy habit to be so uptight about particular worries that we have to attend to 20 times per minute. There are much better places to put energy, and worry isn’t isn’t one of them.

The way that I would explain it is this. The attitude behind being carefree isn’t being careless, it’s just being aware without compulsion. Trusting ourselves is hard enough—so, how then, do we trust in God?

If you’re a Christian, you may understand that trusting in God is mostly difficult because we have a hard time surrendering our fears of losing control. Trust represents the hands holding the reins of control, and the hands holding those reins hold the power of our outcome. For the Christian who already believes in God and the sacrifice of His Son– Jesus–the problem is remembering, constantly, that it’s because of Jesus’ sacrifice that we have found Him trustworthy of holding the reins of our souls and futures. Imagine how much harder it is for the unbeliever to see this large-scale difference of perspective between us holding the reins of control out of fear of surrender, and the unbeliever holding onto the reins out of sheer blindness of disbelief in a God loving enough to guide their hearts and futures towards the Truth of that very love.

I sympathize for the unbeliever who chooses to see life as a sum of randomness and speculation. Jesus is either just some guy from an old book, or the Savior of humankind. For those who seem Him as the former, life is full of reasons not to place definitive trust in others, especially the concept of Supreme Being.

When I was an atheist years ago, I had placed a lot of trust in my parents, because there was nothing supernatural that I believed in trusting. Trusting in people without first trusting in God is like holding reins made of string; they just don’t hold the weight of that trust as auspiciously. There are people in this world worth putting trust into; there are some worth trusting our lives with. But not everyone. When we come from this angle, God is the very reason we are able to trust others by searching for the light of Christ in their hearts. We know that if the Savior of the world has inspired them to emulate His perfect example, that their hearts and actions are going to reflect the character of Jesus; unconditionally loving, forgiving, and “shrewd as a snake and innocent as a dove.”

Taken right from the mouth of Jesus, a Christian who believes in the will of God sees the purpose in both being evangelical in their spiritual disposition (that is, spreading the word of God to those receptive of the Good News of Jesus), while also being intuitive, careful, and wise in communicating with people aren’t ready to receive Him yet. For those of us looking for someone to trust, it’s much easier to trust someone who is already being careful of our receptivity than someone who is careless about their words, and thoughts–and whether or not their intentions are ossified with Jesus’ to express the love of God through their actions. Following this point, when you meet someone like this, you will know there is Someone worth trusting who transformed this person’s spirit into someone unconditional, forgiving–while shrewd and innocent–all at once. Isn’t that an amazing mix of qualities? How might you imagine someone like this would act if they encompassed all of these? I think they would exemplify Jesus, and show the way back to to the existence of the God who sent Him to save us from ourselves.

If you are having a hard time trusting in God, then consider how your life is without Him. Who or what do you put your trust in, if not God? How does this form of trust inspire you to live your life in a better way, or does this lack of trust make your life more stressful and less carefree?

Truly, I believe that placing our trust in God is going to help shape a future where we not only feel more carefree, but we also see the presence of Jesus living in others, which might hopefully inspire the unbelievers to see that in us. We can all be a light shining towards Christ, and we can all be reasons to trust in a God who inspires us to reflect His perfect love for us. Through Jesus, everything is made new, and that includes the trust we aren’t sure where to place. Giving the reins to God is the best decision you could make because giving Him the reins means you know that Jesus died for you so that you could have this relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Still having a hard time believing this is what Jesus really did? That’s okay, I was there, too! I suggest reading a book called, “More Than A Carpenter”, but Josh and Sean McDowell. It’s a phenomenal read, and it looks inside of Jesus’ story from a skeptical point of view while addressing some heavy subject matter regarding Jesus’ deity. I also recommend that you read John Eldredge’s “The Beautiful Outlaw”, because this opened my eyes to seeing Jesus as both a human relatable to me through the blood of a man, and simultaneously the deification of Jesus as God Incarnate through the godliness of the way He lived His life while still holding the power of God in such humility—with such reverence for His own Father. I highly suggest this book to you. And I’d love to hear what you think of either of these books!

Here are links:

“The Beautiful Outlaw”: Here

“More Than A Carpenter”: Here

If you have any questions, thoughts, or anything you’d like to share after reading this, please feel free to post those in the comments below. I’d really like to hear what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, and where you are in your faith journey. My prayer is the these words find you where they matter most, and that you will feel the presence of Jesus in the place you are in, giving you the strength you need to surrender your fears to Him. Trusting in God means believing the world doesn’t have your best interests at heart, but that God certainly does. I truly believe this, and I hope you will find Truth to this, yourself. Be blessed as you come to understand what this means for you.

In Jesus name!



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